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Testimonials from Satisfied Pensacola Clients

We work hard Monday through Saturday (and really 24/7 through our emergency maintenance line) to provide the best service possible for our clients. Hear below from some of our satsified Pensacola area property owners, investors, and residents. Please reach out to us with any questions you have for us on how we can provide you the same Pensacola Property Management experience.

"The owner and entire staff of Realty Masters has been extremely attentive to our needs as a Home Renter. Even major problems have been resolved in a timely fashion. Very professional Realty Company. We highly recommend them for your realty needs." -Larry D.

"This is my first time renting from Realty masters and everything is going great. Anytime I have an issue Ms.Becky is on it and she does not forget. She also makes me feel comfortable contacting her, I never feel like I shouldn't like other places have made me feel.  Thank you so much Becky for all that you do!" -Joy M.

"This review is from an owners perspective. An owner who has tested the waters with a few other management companies in the area prior to working with Realty Masters. As an owner, one of the largest concerns when researching PM's is cutting through the BS and finding someone who will truly treat your property as one of their own rather than it being just another property they have to fill ASAP. I have dealt with those kinds of PM's in the past. It didn't end well.  Lacey from Realty Masters, on the other hand, has been great to work with. Great attention to detail, shes attentive, and extremely knowledgeable. Looking forward to future business!" -Rich C.

"I have been a tenant on a couple of properties managed by realty masters and have had absolutely no problems! Currently I rent a property off of forest pines drive for around 3 years now and Chrisitne Laughlin had been nothing but helpful and prompt with whatever concern I have. From rent to maintenance she is on point and I couldn't of not be happier!" -Phillip M.

"I have been a tenant with Realty Masters for 7 years. So I feel my opinion on the company and their service should be held in high regard, just due to the fact that I've done business with them for so long. I've gone through an array of property managers since my start as a tenant. I have had issues with a few, and none of them have quite made their mark on me, save one. Lacey. Lacey is the best property manager I've had. She follows up with me, treats my problems as if they were her own, and has reached out to me personally on multiple occasions in reference to standard matience issues I've had with the property.  Lacey has renewed my faith in realty companies by keeping a good word, and a professional attitude. She adapts well to the curves thrown her way in reference to her property management duties. Best of all, she lets you know what's happening every step of the way. She doesn't cut corners on service to her tenants, and she displays a composed and organized disposition when an issue arises.  She is the sole reason I've continued to sign leases because I'm comforted in the fact that if something goes wrong, Lacey will make every attempt to fix it. I'd highly recommend Realty Masters just due to her alone. But I also won't fail to mention the courteous and professional staff at the office as well. A from a 7 year tenant." -Chrytopher S.

"I had a great experience with Realty Masters! Erica Parker was very knowledgeable, timely, and polite. Being a first time renter is nerve racking. Realty Masters made sure I understood what was going at all times. I would definitely recommend Realty Masters of Florida to anyone I know. Even after my lease with Realty Masters ended they still were quick to respond to all inquiries and provide assistance. I'm very impressed with them. Their online payment system was very easy. All maintenance requests were handled quickly. All in all good first renting experience (not sure many can say that!)." -Connor L.

"When we moved from Pensacola to Tennessee, we reluctantly looked for a property manager for our home, which was becoming a rental. I could not have ordered a more pleasant experience than I have had with Realty Masters. They have been professional, competent, helpful, and understanding. I will never use anyone else. Kathy Short is always ready to respond and help in any way possible! Great people!" -Mike S.

"I've purchased several investment properties over the years from Realty Master and Nicole St.Aubin. Nicole is a true professional, knows and understands the Pensacola, FL investment real estate market. Realty Master is not only an excellent company to purchase investment real estate in the greater Pensacola area but is the #1 Property Management company. I've relied on Realty Masters for years to grow my investment portfolio and recommend to not only to the new investor but any season investor in the community. First class company and it shows." -Justin W.

"BeckyJones was our property manager while we rented in Milton, FL for 3 years. We came into our lease with a different agency and Becky ensured a smooth transition with Realty Masters. When we moved out of the house, she helped ensure we received our full deposit back--thank you! I would recommend Becky to anyone, especially military families who often get short notice to move!" -Chelsea B.


"I can't say enough about this company. I had planned to go with a different rental agency, but the rental agent showed up for our first meeting nearly an hour late with no notice and a flimsy excuse, took barely a glance at my house and said sure, I can rent this within a month or two -- then he named a price $250 less than I knew other homes in my neighborhood were renting for. I called him on it and he said he didn't look at comps before seeing a house. He couldn't even answer all my questions about the process or his own company's policies. I wrote him off. When I contacted Realty Masters, the difference was night and day. From the first contact, this crew was prepared, professional and organized. Nicole St. Aubin showed up with details on my house and neighborhood and took quality photos, pointed out maintenance details I hadn't thought of and helped me prepare. My house never looked so good. They found great tenants at a fair price within two weeks. Since then, my property manager Erica Parker has been on top of everything. She's quick to get on any questions for me or my tenants, and I never wait long to get an issue settled or to hear from her when I need her. I truly feel like owners are not just names or numbers or street addresses or another contract to these folks. This whole team has made me feel like they are there for me." -Kim T.

"I have 7 units with Realty Masters under the management of Mrs. Erica Parker, and she has just been fantastic. She promptly communicates issues, answers all my questions and handles stress very easily. She's a true professional when dealing with homeowners as well as their tenants. I couldn't be more happier with the service this company provides and will continue to use them as we grow our portfolio. Thanks Erica!" -Keven K.

"We have only good things to say about our experience with Realty Masters and Becky Jones.  We purchased our rental property through their agency over 10 years ago.  Since then Becky has managed the property and has done a great job.  We live in California and are dependent on her to take care of everything including finding renters, collecting rent, and taking care of maintenance and repairs.  We have been through a hurricane that destroyed the roof.  Every time something comes up she is on top of it and keeps us informed.  The cost is usually less than we expected (maybe because we live in CA).  We know the difference between good and bad property managers.  We went through two managers and bad renters on one property much closer to us and finally sold it as a result.  We would give Becky the highest recommendation to anyone needing a property manager in Pensacola." -Roger G.

"having had the very worst of landlords in the past I feel certainly qualified to say that I would definitely refer anybody to Realty Masters of Florida. My agent, Keven Ard had always been extremely courteous and helpful when both assisting in the search for a rental, securing the rental, and addressing any problems that have come up. I look forward to a long relationship with this agent and this company." - Glynn R.

"As a military transfer from high priced Bethesda, we took a bath selling our last house in Maryland. Realty Masters, Bob, Nicole and Pam were heaven sent by helping us find our dream home for a fantastic price in Pensacola. Bob is a former Chief and it showed as he and Realty Masters took care of my wife and I as family." -Anonymous

"I wanted to say thanks to Realty Masters. My house had been empty for 16 months and I called the Navy housing Office to see if I could get some help. Bob was there and he assured me where my house was located it shouldn't take several weeks to lease my property.  At the current time I was under contract with another realtor; called on Wednesday morning and fired them. Thursday I signed a contract to allow Realty Masters to manage my home. Friday and Saturday Nicole had already taken some pictures and posted to their website. On Tuesday morning they had already rented my home out!!!!!Thank you. They also made some recommendations to prepare my house for rent. I followed and gave them permission to do whatever they needed.  I couldn't be more satisfied than with Realty Masters. I think communication is the "KEY." - Daniel L.

"FAST & COURTEOUS! VERY PLEASED! Marie, I am SO grateful for your taking the time to address all of those concerns!! And I am delighted that you have rented the 5 units so quickly, and that you figured out a way to fix the faucets for such a bargain. I am happier than ever that we have changed to Realty Masters. Again, thanks for accomplishing all of this. Best regards," -Joni

"Realty Masters My wife and I have owned an investment property in Pensacola for the past five years. Reality Masters has managed our property the entire time. Becky and staff have always kept us well informed if repairs are needed and kept cost at a minimum. We've managed to keep the property rented almost continuously and I believe it has a lot to do with Reality Masters providing such great service. As out of state investors, Reality Masters keeps us connected." -Anonymous

"Thank you Marie! Unfortunately I had to experience the situation of a roommate moving out. Marie helped make the transition much smoother than I ever would have imagined, and beyond. She even went to making sure to get the keys from the previous roommate. I thought that I would be looked down upon for having a roommate terminate the lease, but she was very helpful in reassuring me that no reprimands would take place. I will be renting with realty masters until I decide to purchase a home, and then I am considering their services for buying! Thanks again Marie."  -Randi

“Pam Keen's has been a reliable and profession provider of property management for my rental property for over 10 years. Her staff has been very responsive to my needs as well has that of my tenants. Her experience in real estate and knowledge of local ordnanceshas been invaluable in handling unique situations. Highly recommended.” - Don W.

“Pam's company provides on site management for our office complex. They have achieved a significant reduction in our annual operating expenses and helped us create a comprehensive short and long term plan for the improvement of the property. They have been instrumental in turning the complex around.”  -Carl S.