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Report Property Condition After Storm 

Are you a Realty Masters resident that has damages from a recent storm? 

Please utilize this page in case of a hurricane and refer to our Hurricane Information page for more information. 

Residents: Thank you for reaching out. If you are reading this after a hurricane has hit our area, emergency procedures are in effect. If you are experiencing a health or safety emergency, please dial 911.  

We ask that all tenants report their property condition after the storm using the attached web form. Unfortunately, if there is no power at the office, we will not have access to our phone system so this is the best way to timely and accurately report any damages to our office. Please leave a detailed report of any damage your property received. 

Even if you do not have damages, we would appreciate you making a report so that we may forward the information to the owner. Please provide the following information so that we may triage necessary repairs, collect reports for property owners, and dispatch emergency crews as necessary. Severely damaged properties or properties that have compromised security will be prioritized. 

We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to assess all properties and address them in order of severity of damages.