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Maintenance Tips & Troubleshooting

Refer to your Tenant Handbook for additional maintenance tips!

How to use WD40 to fix common household problems

If there are only two things in your tool box the first thing should be duct tape and the second should be WD40. Made with a special combination of oils, WD40 can listen and smooth out just about anything that should turn. The spray can be used on door hinges, knobs that get stuck, noisy joints and hinges throughout the house.

To specifically fix door hinges, it is rather simple. All you will want is an old rag or paper towel and the spray.

  1. Hold the cloth under the hynge you are about to spray so that it will catch any runoff.

  2. The next step, is simply to spray.

  3. You may have to open and close the door a few times to get it worked into the joints.

  4. If it is still squeaking you may need to spray again and continue to work in the oil.

  5. Vola, peace and quiet.

This simply DIY is sure to impress everyone in the house. You’ve never experienced true peace and quiet until even your doors are silent. You deserve all the peace you can get.

How to Shut Toilet Off

Toilet Water Shut Off

It is an unfortunate fact, and an inconvenient truth, that water overflows. Often times water overflow is a simple problem to fix like trying to turn off the water or unplugging a drain. Unfortunately, there are times where our simple fixes will not do the job.

    You can find yourself at home, minding your own business, when watery tragedy strikes. As you hear the toilet begin to overflow, you try your tried and true method of flushing again, to no avail. You know that you must shut off the water. But how? Well lucky for you, we have the answer.

How to Turn Off the Water For The Toilet


  1. Have you ever wondered what that pipe on the back of your toilet is? Well it is the water shut off valve. It is a pretty self explanatory term. In order to turn off the water you must identify where your water shut off valve is.

  2. On the valve there is a handy handle. This handle will allow you to utilize the water shut off feature of your toilet.

  3. All you have to do is turn the handle. And just like that, you are the bathroom hero! If the handle is stuck you could try some handy WD40 or in a pinch, some vegetable oil.


toilet shut off
How to Clear your Dryer Vent

Dryer Fire from Lint

Is your dryer having a hard time drying lately? Did you also know that not routinely cleaning your dryer lint and vent can become a fire hazard? Here are three steps to help your dryer dry better and help your lint trap stay cleaner. 

  1. Washing The Trap: Sometimes just clearing out the lint trap isn’t enough. There is a lot of lint that gets stuck. By running the trap under the water in either the sink or tub, it will help clean the trap better. If you want to go the extra mile, you could use some of the clothing soap to help clean it.

  2. Vacuum the catch: The lint trap sits in the catch and can sometimes get dirty. The best way to clean out the stray lint is to vacuum it out. If your vacuum can’t get in the small area try taking a cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels.

  3. Clean the Vent: It may be time to clean out the dryer vent duct on the back of the dryer. You won’t want to do this all the time because it takes more work. You will have to move the dryer away from the wall and then brush out the lint in the vent.

With these steps you’ll have your dryer operating at 100%! If your dryer is still having trouble seek out a professional. If you are part of the Realty Masters family, contact your property manager today.

How to unjam your Garbage Disposal

1. Turn the power or electrical off to the garbage disposal first! 

2. Rotate the blades back and forth with a broom stick , wrench or similar object to unjam  it.

3. Use tongs to remove items from garbage disposal.


How to Unclog your Toilet

Use a plunger to unclog your toilet. 

Be sure no foreign objects were placed in the toilet.

If plunging is not successful, use Drano Max Buildup in the toilet as directed.  Allow the product to sit in the toilet and attempt to plunge the toilet again.

If unsuccessful, call a plumber. Remember that many clogged toilets are caused by flushing items that are not made to be flushed and is most of the time a tenant bill back charge.


Quick unclogging tips:

Let’s face it, sometimes it happens. The toilet or sink just gets backed up. Sometimes we can’t quite get the plunger to work so what other options are there?

Hot Water

When I say hot water, I mean hot water not boiling. Boiling water can cause porcelain to break. But heating up some hot water and pouring it into the toilet or sink can help to break down what is clogging it.


Bath Bomb

While not the most conventional option, a bath bomb can actually help unclog an unruly toilet. The salts in the bomb can sometimes help break down whatever is clogging your toilet. In addition, who wouldn’t want to try this at least once. We can guarantee your bathroom will at least smell good.


Dishwasher Soap

Dish soap whole purpose is to break down unwanted substances so you can clean up easier. It only makes sense that it would help with unclogging a toilet too right? All you have to do is put some soap in the toilet and let it do its thing. Come back in 20 minutes and see if it worked. Your toilet may be a bit bubbly for a while but this hack can definitely come in handy.

So the next time you’re caught without a plunger, try out some of these hacks!

Clogged Toilet
How to Reset a Tripped Breaker

Have you lost power to an appliance or other area in the home? It could be a flipped breaker caused by a power surge.

Locate the circuit breaker panel in your home.

Be sure all circuits are in the on position. If you see a breaker in the off position or stuck halfway between the off and on position, turn the breaker off and then reset it in the on position.

Do not reset the breaker if it is warm or if anything sparked in the home without contacting our office.

If a breaker continuosly resets itself, notify your property manager. 

How to Reset an outlet with no Power

Sometimes the GFI button on your outlet can reset and cause the power in an area to stop working. The most common example of this is while using a blowdryer. Often times, a tripped GFI can result in several lights or outlets not working. You can easily reset the outlet to restore power to the area of home that is not working by resetting the GFI.

To do this, follow the steps below.

1. Locate all of the GFI buttons on your outlets. They are most commonly found in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and garage but can be located in other areas. Be sure you check each outlet in the home!

2. Once you locate the GFI, press and hold the reset button until it resets. 

3. Reset all outlets in the home. This should restore power!

4. Make sure you are not overloading a specific region of the home by plugging in too many electronics in one location. 

How to Change Air Condition/Heating System Filter

1. Locate your a/c filter return. Most are located behind a grate near the indoor a/c unit. Some filters are inserted into the system. For questions on how to locate your filter, google the manufacturer or reach out to your property manager.

2. Turn the a/c system off. Debris can be sucked in while you are replacing the filter. 

3. Remove the old filter and replace it with the arrows pointing inward. 

4. Date your filter. This helps you remember when to change your filter! A/C filter should be changed monthly. 

How to keep A/C condensation drain line clear

Phil Mathews with Mathews Heating and Air shows us how to keep your air conditioining condensation drain line clear from both inside and outside your property. 

Appliance Care Tips

Nelsons Appliances teach us 5 quick appliance care tips!

Pest Control Tips

Alan Little with Tombstone Pest Control teaches us how to reduce troublesome pests in the Pensacola area. 

Prepare your home for Hard Freeze

Carlin Symmes, Realtor and Property Manager, teaches us how to easily prepare a property for a hard freeze. 

Fire Prevention Tips

Ashlee with Complete DKI explains the importance of fire safety with education on how to 

Getting Rid of Scuff Marks

Getting Rid of Scuff Marks:

    Scuff marks are a part of life. They are, in fact, proof that life happens. That being said, sometimes we need to clean them up. So what is the easy solution?

Magic Erasers:

    We usually associate magic erasers with heavy cleaning in the bathroom. The truth is that they are just an all around fantastic cleaning product. In most cases, you don’t even need to get the eraser wet for it to clean up scuffs. Magic Erasers work especially well on baseboards. Keep in mind, they work best with white paint and do contain bleach. We do not recommend using them on colored walls and trim. 

Tennis Balls

    Tennis balls can be your heavy hitters when it comes to scuff removal. The unique texture of the balls can remove scuffs leaving virtually no trace that they were ever there. The tennis balls work especially well on doors and walls.



    Got a scuff that just won’t go? No problem. Try a little toothpaste and a clean brush or rag. The toothpaste’s makeup is made to get rid of unwanted build ups. Toothpaste is optimal for flooring such as vinyl or tile.


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